Reader's Corner - London 2012 [Olympic Games] Commemorative Coins

The Royal Mint has produced some new individual Olympic and Paralympic coins and coin collections.  Each crown issue is authorised by the Royal Proclamation in accordance with the requirements laid down by the Coinage Act 1971.  This means that – in common with other coins in general circulation – a crown has legal tender status.

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Reader's Corner - Polymer...
The world's first polymer banknote was the $10 commemorative note issued in January 1988 to mark the Australian Bicentenary.  Australia was the first country to have all polymer banknotes and the new bills are much more durable and have proven a challenge for counterfeiters.
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Reader's Corner

The history of the Japanese Yen [kanji - ].  The origin of Japanese currency can be traced to the Wu Zhu bronze coin of China.  The New Currency Act of 1871 officiated Yen as the Japanese currency.  Known as the currency of Japan, the Yen, literally meaning “circle” or “round object” has been mirrored towards the silver Mexican Peso with the round shape of its coins.

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